EMS Muscle Simulator Trainer Smart Fitness Abdominal Training Electric Weight Loss Belt Body Slimming Belt Uni (black)

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Product Features: Scene: Outdoor, office, family Uses: fitness equipment, weight loss, extreme challenges, health massage   Specifications:  Features:Lose weight, slim, thin waist, healthy, harmless Gender: Adult,Men,Women   Package Includes: 1* Main unit 1*Belt 1* charging cable 1* instruction manual   Why Choose EMS abdominal toning? A strong core offers much more than toned abs and firmer tummy muscles – it helps you run further, jump higher, sit straighter, stand taller and feel amazing.   EMS abdominal toning workouts are the most efficient and effective method for toning the essential abdominal muscles simultaneously, including the deep transversus abdominis, which is the most effective at flattening the stomach and is extremely tricky to tone with conventional exercise and abs workouts.   Function Of Using Ems abdominal training belt?   During exercise or everyday activities like carrying shopping bags or keeping your back straight while sitting at your desk, the brain sends signals to the muscles via the nerves, making them contract and relax.   Ems abdominal training belt, instead, utilizes clinically-proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology to emit signals directly from the belt to your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract, work and relax in a similar way.   Combining regular EMS toning sessions with an active lifestyle and clean diet firms and tightens your stomach muscles while increasing abdominal strength and endurance.  

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