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FAFORON HERBAL (Blood Builder, Immune Booster, Dead Cells Re-builder, Energizer Circulatory System Cleaner)

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(Blood Builder, Immune Booster, Dead Cells Re-builder, Energizer Circulatory System Cleaner)


As cases of HIV/AIDS, Anemia, shortage of blood, Immune deficiency, free radicals, infertility, pregnancy crises, cholesterol, insomnia & toxics increase in Africa; concerned scientists have been in the lab finding a single organic stem mixture that could take care of multiple illness with no negative side effect; now it’s my pleasure to bring you news of breakthrough.       

It is called Faforon Herbal.

Faforon Herbal is a 100% organic formulation made from the Africa’s finest stems & contains the following active ingredients:

1.   Khaya Grandifoliola 

2.   .Sorghum Bicolor 

3.   Cocoa Specie

4.   Boscia Agustifolia

5.   Dialium Guineense

6.   Solvent (Ethanol & Water)  

Extracts from these stems have been shown to contain enormous amount of phytochemicals which have antioxidants, haematinic effect, antimicrobial effects etc. These significantly help to lay a solid foundation for healthy living.



Analytical process of Fafopron Herbal, using Radionic essay shows the following properties: Graphian Follicle stimulant +++; Astringent +++; Haemostatic +++; Roborant +++; Anabolic +++; Resolvent +++; Pancreas stimulant +++; Respiratory stimulant +++; Immuno modulator thus CD4 booster and CD8 booster +++.

Also present are Tanin ++; Volatile oil +++ Fagarine +++ Citronella +++ and many more. Other materials found are: Potassium +++; Magnesium +++, Organic iron +++.



1.   Rejuvenates & reduces crises on sickle cell patients.

2.   Rejuvenates & prolongs lives of HIV/AIDS patients.

3.   Combats free radicals, controls aging, & promote skin freshness.

4.   Faforon aids normal development of foetus.

5.   Promotes Male & Female Fertility.

6.   It Cures loss of Appetite & constipation. 

7.   Builds blood cells (haematinic) & promotes long life.   

8.   It boosts the immune & cleanses the circulatory system

9.   Eliminates toxic wastes, increases staying power & serves as a natural anti-oxidant.

10.              It Prevents pregnancy crises, keeps mother & baby healthy.

11.              Promotes free flow of blood and reduces cholesterol.

12.              Energizes & helps patients recuperate quickly.

13.              Faforon is a total cure for chronic insomnia

14.              Promotes healthy menstrual flow.

15.              Improves child’s health & retentive memory.


Faforon is a natural dietary supplement; it enhances healthy living in families. This is best organic immune & Blood builder in Africa!



Faforon is formulated from Africa’s finest stems, 100% Organic, Non-toxic, free from germs, professionally brewed, evaluated & endorsed by NAFDAC (REG. 04-8322L).

Faforon is very safe for human consumption!



Adult- 20ml (2-3 Times daily).

Children- 10ml (2-3 Times daily).

For those convalescing from severe

illness- 20ml (2-3 Times daily)



Laboratory Icon Reaching New Height In Medicine Prince Dr. Samuel Olusola Fafure was a Senior Prefect in his graduating year at Annunciation School, Ikere- Ekiti Where he obtained his West Africa School Certificate. Thereafter, Became one of the pioneering students to start the Nigerian Institute Examinations in 1970 through the School of Medical Laboratory Technology, Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH, and Lagos. He had his part 1A and part 11A basic science courses at the University of Lagos, Akoka and final IMLT examinations in Histopathology. Before he could finish his second final of IMLT in Microbiology, he was selected out of twenty-three other colleagues by Parke Davis now Pharma Deko to man the General Diagnostics Division of the company in 1978. He traveled to Southampton, United Kingdom, and also Dublin and Athy in Republic of Ireland where he trained in General Diagnostics methods in 1980 in Joycasino . After a brief stay with Pharma Deko, Prince Fafure established his private medical diagnostics center in Lagos and became the General Secretary of Association of Private Practitioners of Medical Laboratories in Lagos during the tenure of Dr. Sola Alatise as President. While still practicing routine medical Laboratory sciences, he was studying Ethno Medicine. He went Further to study Homeopathy in the area of Alternative Medical Practice and obtains Diploma and also Doctorate Degree in Homeopathy and Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Naturopathy. He was one of the founding Fathers of Nigeria Council of Physicians of Natural Medicine and Nigerian Natural Medicine Development Agency of Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos. So also is the National association of complementary and Alternative Medicine in Nigeria. He had been involve in writing articles on natural medicine in The Guardian, Comet, The Nation newspapers since 1996 and has many publications in natural medicine journals. He had also honored invitations to discuss tropical issues in medicine on television stations like LTV, NTA 2, NTA 10, MITV, MBI and ran programmes on Radio and television stations the last fifteen years. He holds his PhD and MD in Naturopathy from Open International University, Kalkota, India and became a professor of Naturopathy. Prince Fafure belongs to many social, cultural and professional organizations within and outside Nigeria. Prince Fafure has over 100 Ethno- Medicine remedies formulated using local raw materials applying law of similar and that of signature. Some of the well packaged medicaments are listed with NAFDAC and on sale to the public for treatment on various ailments. He takes active part in the educational development of his communities and at various times was appointed member of Board of Governor of two secondary schools. Till date, he is a senior consultant in the department of Naturopathy at the only recognized Federal College of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Abuja, First of its kind in Africa. Currently, he holds the position of the National Vice president of NACAMA.

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